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Value football betting tips and predictions

We are heading to Hamburg where Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal will face France in a spectacular game from the Euro 2024 1/4-finals. This is a good moment to stay with us and our Value football betting tips and predictions. Let’s get to work!


Portugal went through Hell against Slovenia, but they managed to progress after penalties. 120 minutes weren’t enough for these two teams to score a goal while Cristiano Ronaldo missed a penalty kick during the extra time. During the penalties Portugal’s goalkeeper Diogo Costa saved three shots from the Slovenians and helped Selecao reach the 1/4-finals.


Now the question is – will Roberto Martinez change something in Portugal’s team against France? Not being able to score a goal against Slovenia was not a good sign. What could Martinez do here is try something different. Players like Diogo Jota, Ruben Neves or even Francisco Conceicao could be an option for the manager.


France needed an own goal in order to eliminate Belgium from the 1/8-finals of Euro 2024. The game was nearing extra time, but the veteran defender Jan Verthongen scored himself an own goal in the 85th minute. It broke the Belgian hearts and allowed France to progress.


The French team will need to play better against Portugal – their performance against Belgium was not convincing. Kylian Mbappe is not scoring at the moment while Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele could give more as well. But France needs Mbappe – the striker has to step up in these decisive matches remaining in the competition.


That’s the Value football betting tips and predictions for the Euro 2024 clash between Portugal and France in Hamburg. Both teams were not convincing during the 1/8-finals, but they found a way to reach the next round. Now one of them will have to go home. Let’s see which one. Good luck!